August 2017: Tajana Lučić (Croatia)

//August 2017: Tajana Lučić (Croatia)

Tajana Lučić is currently the Space exploration project group co-lead with a background  in psychology, where she is submitting a master thesis on the topic of the influence of personality traits and mood on risk taking among analogue astronauts. She has extensive experience in managing medium to large scale teams in international NGO context and finds international and interdisciplinary remote volunteer management as a special branch of interest. She was the co-organizer of the Poland Mars Analogue Mission 2017 that brought together 35 mission control members and 6 analogue astronauts for 2 weeks of research and cooperation. Her future plans include continuing to develop expertise in the areas of recruitment and psychological support of analogue astronauts and optimization of group factors in the context of analogue simulations.


Tajana was nominated by Sebastian Hettrich; SEPG co-Lead:

“Since Tajana has joined the SEPG in April as one of our new co-leads, she has spent incredible amount of hours, efforts and energy into helping us making the Poland Mars Analogue Simulation happening. She dedicated nearly her entire time to learn about each aspect of the project so far, and used her extraordinary skills in team and project management to bring many aspects of PMAS back on track and to uncover and solve many potential issues before they could grow into problems. Even in difficult situations, she managed to keep an objective eye on the issue and came up with viable solutions, even if it involved more of her dedication towards the issue. She has been a hard worker and never backed-up when such a situation arose during the last months of the project. She is a great source of experience, knowledge and inspiration to the entire team. Without her, the PMAS project would not have been possible, which is why I would like to nominate her for the Member of the Month.”


Here’s Tajana’s reaction:

“Being member of the month is really a great honor! I would like to thank the whole PMAS 2017 team and the SEPG group for making this month such a successful one! Hopefully we will continue to have more great projects together and enrich SGAC and the opportunities it can provide for young professionals with further effort and commitment.”


From SGAC Chair, Ali Nasseri:

Tajana was first introduced to me by one of our partner organisations, to join the activities of the Poland Mars Analogue Simulation Mission (PMAS). When she later joined the team as SEPG co-lead, her impact was clear from the start. In such a short time, she helped support the activities of our outgoing co-leads, and went beyond her way to make sure PMAS succeeds. Her contributions led to a calm team that successfully completed a large project like PMAS. Thanks Tajana for your hard work, and congratulations on the MoM! Well deserved!

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